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Welcome to the official website of Madina Masjid of Preston, which is now compatible with smartphones. We hope you will enjoy the contents and  continue to extract the precious pearls kept in the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadeeth. Browse through the website and explore the beautiful world of Islam. We pray Allah accept this humble effort for the community of Fishwick, and for Muslims and Non Muslims around the world. May He guide everyone to the straight path, the ‘Siraatul Mustaqeem’. Ameen

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What’s New at Madina Masjid

**Madina Masjid Presents**

  Completion of the Glorious Qura’an…

We are pleased to present yet another blessed gathering with the completion of the Glorious Qura’an which will take place by students of
Madrassah Naqeebul Islam…

Date: Saturday 8th February 2014
The above programme is now available online, click HERE to listen …

CD’s available on request, please see Masjid Committe or email: info@madinamasjid.net


Madina Masjid on Twitter/Youtube

Alhamdulilah with the grace of Al Mighty, Madina Masjid can now be found on twitter, this will feature quick notifications for Events, Sala’ah Times changes as well as notifications for uploads on our official YouTube Channel.
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Alhamdulilah with the grace of Al Mighty, Madina Masjid has launched its very own YouTube channel, this will include
programmes taken place exclusively at Madina Masjid.

Featuring Nasheeds/Naats and exclusive lectures to name a few.
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**Madina Masjid Presents**

  5TH Annual Community Conference With
Hifzul Qura’an Completion Ceremony…

The above programme is now available online
Click HERE to listen

CD’s available on request, please see Masjid Committe or email: info@madinamasjid.net

Aalim course at Madina Masjid

Aalim course opportunity at Madrasah Naqeebul Islam currently offering 1 years course, this is a rare and new opportunity for those wishing to enhance their Islamic knowledge.

Click HERE for more details or email: info@madinamasjid.net

Madrasah Naeebul Islam Online

The syllabus for the new year 2013/14 as well as Madrasah holiday schedule is NOW available online.

Letters sent to parents also NOW available online.

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Madina Masjid collection for India

Summary of donations of where people’s donation was spent and utilised
Summary 1, Baroda Grocery Kit Distribution
Summary 2, Orissa (Odisha) Grocery Kit Distribution
Summary 3, Faizabad Grocery Kit Distribution



Very Rare and Pricless-Zikr by Sheikhul Hadeeth Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Motala Shahib D.B.

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Daily Programmes @ Madina Masjid

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