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Qadhaa-ul-Fawaa’it – Catching up with missed prayers

Salaat ensues daily bread, promotes health, drives out diseases, strengthen the heart, brings light and beauty on the face, pleases the soul, refreshes the body, cures indolence, relives the mind, feeds the soul, illumines the heart and guarantees Allah’s fear, it grants protection from Allah’s doom, it keeps the devil away and brings us near to Allah.
In short, Salaah is a guarantee for all that is described, and a protection against all that is undesirable for both body and soul, equally in this world and the hereafter.

Madina Masjid is now trying to help you catch up with your missed Namazes (salaahs). We have a team who can help you and guide you every week to catch up with your missed Salaahs. Also bear in mind that by just merely doing Qadhaa of your missed prayers does not necessarily mean you have been forgiven. To seek repentance is also very important.

The Prophet (SAW) said:
“A person neglecting his Salaat (even though he makes it up later) shall remain in Hell for a period of one Huqb.”

A ‘Huqb’ is equal to eight years of Three Hundred and Sixty days each, and one day in the hereafter shall equal to One Thousand years of this world.

If you are still not certain how many Salaahs you have missed contact the Imaams who will help you in calculating your missed prayers. InshaAllah we have a firm intention in getting everyone of our Musallies a ‘Saahib-e-Tarteeb’.

Who is Saahib-e-Tarteeb?
If one has less than 6 Salaats, i.e. 6 or less, in one’s responsibility which has to be made Qadhaa of such a person is called Saahib-e-Tarteeb.