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Subscribed with friends…? Now subscribe with Allah through Madina Masjid’s New Text Alert System!

Madina Masjid presents ‘Instant Text Alerts’ for Weekly Namaz Times as well as Special Programmes taking place in the Masjid. If you are interested in receiving weekly updates via phone SMS, please provide us with your NAME, MOBILE NUMBER and EMAIL.

Please fill and submit our SMS text Alert Subscription form below.

The free trial period has now expired, Only paid members will now receive text alerts as of 3.6.11,If you wish to subscribe to this service,there will be a small cost of £10.00 per year to keep the service running, the payment can be given to both the Imaams or the Management committe. JazakALLAH

‘Please note that Madina Masjid will not allow your name and details to be made public. All details will be kept confidential by the Masjid.’

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